Management Control

The Questions

Management control meets these needs.

I4D Consulting implements systems, tailored to the company’s internal planning, scheduling and monitoring.

Markets and conditions change rapidly, and no entrepreneur can afford to wait months to know how their company’s “accounts” are performing.
It is, therefore, crucial-even for the small business-to have simple and practical reporting, month by month, without waiting for budget figures.

Our reports are very concrete and easy to read, they speak the language of the entrepreneur, because they are designed as a tool to direct the company: incidence and variances of matter, margins, the expenses reclassified by business area, (commercial, production, general, financial) compared with the budget forecast for the current year and compared with the previous year.

But the real added value of I4D Consulting is the constant support in the choices that the entrepreneur makes in the interest of the company.

Numbers merely indicate critical issues, but only those with firsthand knowledge of business dynamics can put in place all the concrete actions that are needed to bring the enterprise back into profit. And I4D Consulting, with its long experience in business management, has the cross-functional skills (business, legal, administrative and production) to best support the entrepreneur in his or her decisions.

“Ours is a managerial approach rather than a consultancy approach; we don’t just point the way, but work alongside the entrepreneur in the field, facing and solving difficulties together until the goals are achieved.”

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Management Control

Annual budgets and multi-year development plans.

Tailored management control systems with shadowing of management to analyze monthly data and develop corrective actions.

Analysis and evaluation of human resources.

Extraordinary corporate restructuring and reorganization interventions.

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Corporate Reorganization

Analysis of the factual situation, comparison with competing companies, and analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

Defining a sustainable business model for business revitalization and drafting the related Business Plan.

Personnel analysis and redefinition of the organizational structure of the facility.

Operational coaching to professionals for bankruptcy and restructuring procedures.

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Foreign Subsidiaries

Supervision and management control of foreign branches and subsidiaries with on-site missions. Implementation of remote management and business control systems.
Interventions in deteriorated situations with the goal of restructuring and commercial revitalization.
Personnel selection.
Research and Business Due Diligence of companies to be acquired.

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Project Management

Independent management of specific projects

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