Is the websites’ era ended?

Is there really a need in 2022 for a website or is a social media presence enough?

Do we really need a website?

Don’t we need websites anymore? The topic is critical to long-term success, regardless of profession or industry, whether you are a business, a coach, a consultant, an author, an expert or anyone selling anything online.

In fact, from many quarters it is said that the website is now useless because social media are sufficient to communicate and sell.

Social is a powerful marketing and business medium, I also use it and have my clients use it, however, I think it is a big mistake to give up a website, for one simple and trivial reason.

We have no ownership rights in Facebook.
OR LinkedIn. Or Instagram. Or Twitter.
Or any other social media platform.

Your social account can be taken away in the blink of an eye–for no reason at all.

And even if there was a legitimate reason, because you actually did something wrong, they won’t even tell you what it is!

Which means your business can be taken away from you in a minute.

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One should never put oneself in such a vulnerable position, which is why we all need a website.

A site is a property that YOU own, no one else.

So yes, I think anyone who has a business should own their own website.

Kim Jong un

Mark Zuckerberg is essentially the online equivalent of Kim Jong-Un, no one has ownership rights but him.

I’m obviously not saying to abandon social, go ahead on Facebook & Co, but to bring people to your site (your property), not vice versa.

Capture contacts on your platform by building your mailing list, which is an asset you own forever and no one can take away from you.

Whatever the business is conducted, digital will increasingly be part of business; indeed, it will be at the heart of it, especially commercial and organizational, and the entrepreneur is obliged to keep up to date in order to make informed choices.
To learn more about the requirements of a performing and effective website, you can read here.



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