Making the company digital

We reorganize business processes by making the way we work more efficient and effective.

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The importance of digital experience

Research unanimously says that the digital experience is increasingly important in the B2B selling and buying process.

In the digital age, enterprise software is no longer a mere accessory, but a real strategic asset. It is the fulcrum around which the organization and business processes can be built to achieve maximum efficiency and minimize errors.

Each stage of customer contact is crucial:

A clear and informative website: First impressions are critical. Your website must be a flawless business card, giving customers smooth navigation and all the information they need.

Flawless communication: The person interacting with the customer must be knowledgeable, friendly, and able to provide all necessary information quickly and accurately.

Quick and complete quotations: A well-structured, complete quotation made in a short time can make all the difference. Don't let the client slip through your fingers because of delays or inaccuracies.

We live in a fast-paced world. Disorganized communication, lack of information or slow response to inquiries can cost you dearly in terms of lost customers.


I4D is by your side to help you choose the most efficient business software to improve your response to the market and, most importantly, make sure they are actually used to the best effect in your company.

We can help you introduce the main types of business software to your company: 

  • CRM: Essential tools to better manage customer relationships, optimize business activities and increase sales.
  • B2B Websites: High-performance websites designed to attract new customers and retain existing ones.
  • Internal flow management: Tools to optimize internal business processes, from order management to invoicing.
  • Administrative Procedures: Solutions to simplify and automate administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time for you and your staff.
  • Group work: Tools to improve collaboration and communication within the team.
  • Social media: Solutions to effectively manage your social media presence and increase your online visibility.

With I4D by your side, you can:

  • Improve the customer experience: Give your customers a flawless and personalized shopping experience.
  • Increase sales: Optimize your sales strategies and maximize your profits.
  • Reduce costs: Automate processes and optimize resources to reduce business costs.
  • Improve efficiency: Work more efficiently and productively, with fewer errors and delays.
  • Gain a competitive advantage: Distinguish yourself from competitors through the use of innovative technologies.
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“Digital interaction, e-commerce, and social networks have changed customers, and business must adapt to new ways of interacting in order not to disappear.

Excel and email are not enough to face the competition, becoming a Digital Enterprise is not a choice, but a necessity.”

Stefano Marini

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Riproduci video su Stefano Marini - I4D Consulting Mantova

Una scelta strategica, non tecnica!

We help you choose the right software, implement it correctly, and train your staff to get the most out of the technology.

Choosing enterprise software is not a trivial IT issue, but a strategic decision that is critical to the success of your business. It cannot be left solely to an IT technician, but must be the result of a careful analysis of your business needs and processes.

Why do so many software implementation projects fail?

> Mancanza di una visione strategica: Spesso si sceglie un software basandosi solo sulle sue caratteristiche tecniche, senza considerare come si inserisce nei processi aziendali e come impatta sul lavoro quotidiano.

> Scelta del software sbagliato: Non tutti i software sono uguali. Esistono diverse soluzioni sul mercato, ognuna con i suoi punti di forza e di debolezza. È fondamentale scegliere il software più adatto alle specifiche esigenze della tua azienda.

> Implementazione inadeguata: Un software, per quanto performante, non può dare i suoi frutti se non viene implementato correttamente. Questo significa formare adeguatamente il personale, personalizzare il software secondo le necessità aziendali e garantire una costante assistenza post-vendita.

I4D helps you make the right choice.

Il nostro approccio è diametralmente opposto a quello tradizionale. Non siamo legati a nessuna software house e il nostro obiettivo principale è quello di migliorare l’organizzazione aziendale attraverso l’utilizzo del software giusto.

Come Lavoriamo

In-depth analysis of business needs: First, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your business processes, identifying critical issues and areas for improvement.

Identification of the most suitable software: Based on the analysis performed, we select the most suitable software for your needs, whether it is a CRM, a budgeting program, a website, a business expense management application, or any other type of software.

Software customization: We tailor the software to your specific needs, configuring and customizing it to fit seamlessly into your business processes.

Staff Training: We provide comprehensive, customized training to your staff so that they are able to use the software effectively and productively.

Continuing Support: We guarantee ongoing support over time to resolve any problems and provide you with the support you need to make the most of your new business software.

With I4D by your side, you can:

Choose the right software for your business, avoiding costly bad choices.

√ Migliorare l’efficienza aziendale, risparmiando tempo e denaro.

√ Aumentare la produttività del tuo personale.

√ Ottimizzare i tuoi processi aziendali.

√ Guadagnare un vantaggio competitivo sul mercato.

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4 Software Essenziali



Indispensable tool for managing relationships with existing and potential customers.
It makes salespeople's work efficient by bundling all information and communication with the customer.
Allows management to analyze and direct the activities of salespeople in real time.
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“Smart” quoting

A sloppy quote, done with excel or word, gives a bad image, is error-prone and untraceable. Increase quote conversion rates by sending graphically curated, error-free documents. For salespeople: speed in drafting, immediate notification of bid opening by the customer, automatic management and archiving. For management: statistics on bids issued, won, lost, by salesperson and by product; visibility of current bids and ability for management to intervene in real time.
web design


Today, the Web is critical in the B2B sales cycle. Seventy-five percent of companies use digital channels to search for new suppliers, and a “showcase site” is not enough for visibility and ranking. It needs content curation, careful construction and high speed. The site must be integrated into the sales process (Social, Newsletter, CRM), to track contacts and not miss a single opportunity. To have total control of this strategic service, we created MantovaNet.


There are also innovative solutions in other areas of the company that can simplify activities, reduce errors, and thus lower administrative and management costs. For example, travel authorization and employee expense report management can be fully automated. Even for treasury management and financial forecasting, there are more advanced methods than a hand-made excel sheet.