Tax Verification

An Inevitable Event

Over the years, a tax audit within the enterprise is almost inevitable.

It is not a question of “if,” but of “when,” but this control should not represent a situation that would engender “panic” in the company.

The important thing is to come to this appointment prepared, well knowing how to deal with the Guardia di Finanza’s questions and requests.

Verification Simulation

To better deal with tax audits, I4D Consulting, offers tax audit simulation services.

By following our methodologies, which are the same as those of the Guardia di Finanza, the corporate administrative structure will be able to approach the audit in the most professional manner, without counterproductive acquiescence to requests that are not in line with the taxpayer’s rights.

The training and prevention service reinforces and complements the work done by in-house administrative staff and the company accountant, with the sole purpose of improving the management of relations between taxpayer and tax authorities.

The purpose of our meetings is, therefore, to train the entrepreneur and administrative staff to deal with audits, expanding awareness of their rights and duties.

The services are performed by former members of the Guardia di Finanza or Financial Administration with proven experience in inspection activities.


Standard Verification

Training on tax audit
  • Simulation of tax access in the company
  • Training course: follow up access with review of employee reactions; training on the powers of the Internal Revenue Service and the rights set forth in the Taxpayer's Statute

Full Verification

Training on Fiscal Verification and Labor Inspections.
Quanto previsto nel pacchetto standard più:
  • The control in the field of "undeclared work"
  • Inspections by the Labor Inspectorate powers and limits under the rules and code of ethics

Other Services

Consulting on specific issues
  • Foreign-corporate investment and permanent establishment
  • The back up phase - Procedures and Chain of Custody of computer data. Limits and powers to protect privacy
  • Attribution of legality rating

The Tax Team

Giuseppe 800x532 1

Giuseppe Proietti Bidolli

Discharged from the GdF with the rank of lieutenant, he has more than 30 years of experience in tax audits and economic-financial investigations.

Stefano Marini - I4D Consulting Mantova

Stefano Marini

Discharged from the GdF with the rank of captain, he commanded verification departments in Brescia, Milan, Mantua and La Spezia.

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Other Contributors

Former members of the GdF or Internal Revenue Service cooperate depending on the size of the simulation.