Export to India

India is definitely the world player with the best prospects for development in the next 5 years.

The shift of the center of gravity away from China due to the changed geopolitical conditions post-COVID, offers India an unprecedented opportunity to become the center of world development.

Export opportunities to India touch virtually all productive sectors;  we particularly recommend infrastructure (thus all related materials and supplies), agriculture and livestock, environmental technologies and renewable energy.

Finally, it should be considered a viable and competitive alternative to China in the supply of semi-finished goods and components.

Technologies and Products for Agriculture and Livestock.

I4D has an in-depth knowledge and presence in the Indian agriculture and livestock technology market, where-in collaboration with local partners-it is successfully promoting the export of smart farming and precision feeding products and solutions to India.

The reasons for the growth are simple.

The first, is population growth, which requires a constant increase in production to meet the food demands of a huge population.

Just think of the demand for milk. For 80 percent of the population (Hindu, thus vegetarian), the only source of protein is milk: we are talking about more than 1.1 billion people who consume milk daily in very large quantities.

The other favorable factor, providing the boost to demand, are the resources and financial incentives that, from all levels, are converging in the agricultural sector. International Institutions, State and National Indian Government Agencies are promoting the modernization of agriculture and animal husbandry in India in every way, funding projects and product purchases.

As just one example, we quote the Asian Development Bank, “Not only that we have to invest more in agriculture, a qualitative change in our investments is also crucial. The investments must be strategic and science-based; and we need to focus on innovative technologies that offer nature-positive solutions.”

This substantial financial flow, combined with a real need for increases in the productivity and quality of agricultural products and milk, is generating unprecedented demand for precision agriculture products.

The growth of the Indian economy

In 2021, India imported $570.4 billion worth of goods from around the world, an increase of 28.5 percent from 2017 and 55 percent from 2020 to 2021.
From a continental perspective, about three-fifths (60.6 percent) of India’s total imports by value in 2021 were supplied by exporters located in other Asian countries. European trading partners provided 16.8 percent of India’s purchased imports, while 8.5 percent of the value came from North America. Another 7.8 percent came from exporters from Africa.
With an Indian population of 1.392 billion people, the total of $570.4 billion spent on imports 2021 translates into about $410 in annual demand for products from each person living in the vast South Asian country.
This dollar figure compares with an average of $270 per capita for 2020.
India’s aggressive policy, coupled with the increase in large-scale infrastructure, has led to an increase in the volume of exports and imports in recent years. India’s major trading partners include the United States, which surpassed China in the previous fiscal year to become India’s largest trading partner.The United Arab Emirates has also emerged as one of India’s major trading partners.

Why choose I4D to export to India

India is usually referred to by the term Indian subcontinent because it is more of a continent than a single country, and therefore the trade approach is certainly not easy (commercially, India, Nepal and Bangladesh are considered together).

Great distances, states with different languages, customs and traditions: the success of a plan to export to India requires an approach that combines knowledge of the merits and demerits of the pmi, planning skills, relationships and concrete experience in the field.

In addition to decades of direct experience, I4D has established a proven strategic partnership with an Indian company, which enables it to better support Italian companies in penetrating this huge market.

Market knowledge and a network of reliable local contacts are the requirements you need to ensure the success of your internationalization plan.

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