Exporting to China & Far East

I4D specializes in the world's most promising business area, the Asia-Pacific.

A diverse range of economies, from highly advanced to early-stage, for over 3 billion consumers, mostly young and with rising incomes.

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How to export to China

Exporting to China and Asia: 4 steps to success (and not to waste time and money!)

Many companies wishing to export to China and Asia begin their adventure with participation in an international trade fair. The event ends with a good impression, numerous booth visits and a feeling of many opportunities.

However, on returning to Italy, the initial enthusiasm dies down.The first week you get 10 emails from known contacts, the second 5, and then ... nothing more.

Between participation, booth and travel for a couple of people, the investment amounts to about 10/15 thousand euros, but the return is zero.

Asia is a promising market, but it is also huge and distant, both physically and culturally. Exporting to China and the Far East is certainly possible, but it is essential to plan carefully what to do and when to do it. Otherwise, you risk wasting time and money.

To be successful in this market, three elements are essential:

1. Open-mindedness: it is necessary to be ready to deal with new cultures and markets, and adapt, if necessary, the organization and products to the needs of new customers.

2. Patience: the results of an export strategy are not immediate. All companies that have been successful in foreign markets have built their positioning with humility and tenacity, and certainly not in a few months.

3. Investment: exporting requires investment, as with any other business improvement.

In addition to these three basic elements, it is important:

  • Conduct thorough market research: to understand the needs of the market and competitors.
  • Choosing the right local partners: to have an effective market presence.
  • Promote their products properly: through targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Offering excellent customer service:to retain customers and build lasting relationships.

Exporting to China and Asia can be challenging, but with the right planning and approach it can be a very rewarding and successful experience.

From SME to global leader:
I4D Consulting supports you on your journey.

Field experience, real and reliable local contacts, flexibility, design tailored to specific customer needs.

La personalizzazione del servizio è la nostra forza, possiamo assistere l’impresa nell’intero processo di internazionalizzazione o solo in alcuni aspetti. A seconda delle esigenze, il servizio viene “tagliato su misura” in base agli obiettivi, al prodotto, al livello organizzativo aziendale, nonché ai tempi e al budget assegnato al progetto.

I4D has the experience of 15 years of missions, from India to New Zealand. Dozens and dozens of trade shows visited, contacts in almost every Asia-Pacific country.

A network of reliable local contacts, a prerequisite for finding the most suitable partners to ensure the success of any internationalization plan.

The opinion of a great expert on China, Alberto Forchielli: “I will go back to China to sell, not to invest”.