Digital Enterprise

We reorganize business processes by making the way we work more efficient and effective.

The importance of digital

Research unanimously says that digital is increasingly important in the B2B selling and buying process.

Enterprise software has become a real asset; no longer a “useful accessory” but the hub around which the organization and processes can be built to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum errors.

From the first contact with the client, you can’t go wrong: site communication must be clear; the person interacting with the client casual and equipped with tools that get them all the information they need, up-to-date and at their fingertips; and the quote must be complete, polished and done quickly.

We live fast: sloppy and confusing communication, or the inability to formulate a quote quickly can mean losing the customer.

I4D accompanies you in adopting the most efficient tools to improve market response. From CRM (an indispensable tool for managing sales) to building high-performing B2B websites, to all the other new tools for managing internal flows and administrative procedures, working in teams and communicating through social media.

Our approach

The problem is not technical.

Software that manages business processes should be chosen by those who know how the business works.

Failures or dissatisfaction in adopting new business software are common, but failure almost never depends on the program not working properly.

The critical issues are others.

Often the company contacts a software house, which proposes its product, without any kind of analysis of the business dynamics. Consequence: software is purchased that is unsuitable for the reality of the enterprise because it is too complex or inflexible.
Another problem concerns the poor (or nonexistent) training of personnel who must use the programs. Training, usually underestimated if not ignored, is solved with an initial day and the purchase of a package of service hours.

I4D, noting that the traditional system has a high dissatisfaction rate, took a different approach.

Software only a tool, the goal is to improve business organization. First, then, critical issues must be scouted and improvements performed; only after this analysis can the most suitable software be identified, which must be customized according to the company’s needs. Finally, staff must be carefully trained.

In order not to be subjected to any kind of conditioning, I4D does not sell software, and is free to choose the product that best suits customers’ needs.

Whether it is a CRM, a budgeting program, a website, a business expense management application or any other software, our purpose is solely to solve a business problem or improve a production process.

“Digital interaction, e-commerce, and social networks have changed customers, and business must adapt to new ways of interacting in order not to disappear.

Excel and email are not enough to face the competition, becoming a Digital Enterprise is not a choice, but a necessity.”

Stefano Marini

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Indispensable tool for managing relationships with existing and potential customers.

It makes salespeople's work efficient by bundling all information and communication with the customer.

Allows management to analyze and direct the activities of salespeople in real time.

"Smart" budgeting

A quote made with excel or word from a bad image, is error-prone and untraceable. Increase quote conversion rates by sending graphically curated, error-free documents.
For salespeople: speed in drafting, immediate notification of customer bid opening, automatic management and filing.
For Management: statistics on bids issued, won, lost, by commercial and by product; visibility of current bids and possibility of real-time intervention.


Today, the web is critical in the B2B sales cycle, 75% of companies use digital channels to search for new suppliers, and a "showcase site" is not sufficient for visibility and ranking.
It needs content care, careful construction, and high speed.
The site must be integrated into the sales process (Social, Newsletter, CRM) to track leads and not miss a single opportunity.
To have total control of this strategic service, we created MantovaNet.


There are also innovative solutions in other areas of the company that can simplify activities, reduce errors, and thus lower administrative and management costs.
For example, travel authorization and employee expense report management can be fully automated.
Even for treasury management and financial forecasting, there are more advanced methods than a handmade excel sheet.