The essential tool for effective customer and sales department management.

Your compass to navigate the sea of data and win customer success in the digital age

Why is CRM so important?

In a data-driven world, CRM (customer relationship management) is the indispensable tool for acquiring new and retaining existing customers, improving business decisions and increasing profitability. 

It is a customer-centered philosophy that transforms relationships into tangible value.

Nell’odierno panorama aziendale, caratterizzato da una molteplicità di canali di interazione e da clienti sempre più esigenti, disporre di uno strumento efficace per la gestione dei dati e delle relazioni con i clienti è divenuto un fattore imprescindibile. In this scenario, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) emerges as the indispensable compass for companies wishing to successfully navigate the sea of data and win the loyalty of their customers.

There are many reasons why CRM is a strategic investment for companies:

  • Comprehensive view of customers: CRM centralizes information from multiple channels (website, phone, e-mail, chat, social media) providing a comprehensive overview of each customer's behavior and needs.
  • Consistent business rules: Ensures a consistent and professional approach in every customer interaction, regardless of the channel used.
  • Tracking of interactions: Provides detailed reporting of business activity, allowing the effectiveness of strategies to be evaluated and areas for improvement to be identified.
  • Customer Loyalty: Knowing customers and their needs thoroughly is the key to winning their trust and loyalty, crucial elements for business growth.
  • Multiplication of business opportunities:In the digital age, customers interact with companies through a multiplicity of channels. CRM helps them seize every opportunity on the fly, maximizing results.
  • Digital Transformation: CRM is not just software, but a real business philosophy that puts the customer at the center of every process.

Adopting a CRM system brings a number of tangible benefits to companies:

  • Comprehensive view of customers
  • Uniform and professional business rules
  • Detailed reporting to optimize your strategies
  • Loyal and satisfied customers
  • More business opportunities
  • Priceless competitive advantage

CRM benefits

Control and direction of the sales network

The activity of salespeople can be monitored (number of e-mails, appointments made, quotes sent, phone calls), and this allows workloads within the team to be managed effectively. New contacts or clients can be assigned (or transferred) with automatic rules or manually with one click. Every information and relationship with contacts and clients will never be lost and no history will ever be lost, even if salespeople leave the company.

Managing Information

Emails sent and received, contact person data, contracts, agreements, price lists, appointments, comments... everything magically finds its place in the customer file. They all contribute to the same card, no matter who wrote to whom, whether it is a commercial, technical or administrative document: the information is complete, up-to-date and in one defined place. No more searching for e-mails and documents on every PC in the organization.

Data Analysis

Measure to decide based on numbers.
Avere sempre a disposizione dei report che mostrino esattamente cosa fanno i venditori con i clienti: quanti nuovi potenziali clienti sono stati contattati nel mese, da dove provengono i nomi, quanti preventivi sono stati fatti e per quale importo, quanti sono stati convertiti in ordini. Ogni attività è misurabile e può essere confrontata nel tempo: padroneggiare i numeri significa gestire in modo efficace.

Internal Document Management

Corporate forms always aligned and updated. Create standard documents approved by management, and be assured that every offer will automatically conform to the updated version. Establish predefined workflows and approval procedures that can be managed online and remotely by designated managers (e.g., for management approval of extra scale discounts). 


Speeding up and simplifying customer contact.
Solo il CRM permette di misurare in modo semplice il ritorno commerciale di fiere e altre campagne di marketing e tenerne traccia nel tempo. Non più perdite di tempo per copiare a mano i dati dei contatti acquisiti in fiera, ma acquisizione via cellulare dei biglietti da visita e automatico aggiornamento dell'archivio. Anche i contatti provenienti dal sito o dai social possono essere automaticamente inseriti, assegnati ad un venditore e persino creare nell'agenda del venditore il compito di contattarlo.

What others say

If you're still not convinced about the value of adopting a CRM, check out this article on the Salesforce blog (the undisputed leader in the CRM industry), you'll find all the answers to your questions there.

A sensitive choice

The choice of CRM is closely related not to the functionality of the software but to the company and the people who will have to use it.

Selecting the right CRM is not like buying just any software.

Rather, it is a matter of taking the opportunity to rethink the way of working of the sales department and structuring it in an optimal way. One must, therefore, know the different functionalities of the products on the market and compare them with the specific needs of the company.

Le funzionalità tecniche sono tutte più o meno simili, ma non tutti i prodotti hanno lo stesso grado di personalizzazione e usabilità, quindi, lasciare, come spesso accade, la scelta del CRM a persona esclusivamente competente in informatica è un errore. 

Much broader expertise is needed, including knowledge of business dynamics, the mindset of those working in this field, and, most importantly, preparation in the organizational field for effective system set-up.

It is not even recommended to rely on a software house, because, obviously, they will always offer their product regardless of whether or not it fully meets the user's needs (no, it is not recommended even with the assurance of subsequent “customizations” to make it suitable).

This is why I4D Consulting, not being tied to any brand, is free, from time to time, to choose the software that best suits the client's needs.

Because one has to start from the analysis of the customer's needs, the organizational and functional goals they propose to achieve and, based on that, choose the most suitable CRM (although, at first glance, the features of the programs on the market seem very similar, the differences are there). 

I4D Consulting, which has always promoted digitization in business as a tool for efficiency, after testing dozens of CRMs, is able to identify the most suitable tool to meet specific needs, set and customize it, and train staff to achieve the desired business organization.