Management Control

Planning, scheduling and monitoring systems tailored to your business.

Constant coaching to monitor costs and revenues to get a monthly snapshot of business performance.

A way to look at the numbers from the entrepreneur's point of view, not the accountant's. The right solution to be able to act in time.

What is Management Control

Management control is an information system that supports management in making decisions aimed at achieving strategic objectives.

Simply put, it is like a compass that helps those in leadership understand where the company is, where it wants to go, and how to get there. It works by collecting, analyzing, and sharing key business performance information.

Main goals of management control:

  • Driving goal achievement: management control helps to define business goals and monitor progress toward their achievement.
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness: identify areas where the company can improve its performance and use resources more efficiently.
  • Reduce risks: helps identify and manage potential risks that could hinder the achievement of goals.
  • Promoting accountability: provides managers with the information they need to make informed decisions and be responsible for results.

Management control tools:

  • Budget: a detailed plan outlining projected income and expenses for a given period of time.
  • Variance analysis: compares actual results with budgeted results and identifies the causes of any differences.
  • Performance indicators (KPIs): metrics that measure the company's success in achieving its goals.
  • Reporting: provides managers with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Management control is a continuous process that takes place throughout the year. It is important that it be tailored to the specific needs of each company and adapted to changing internal and external conditions.

In summary, management control is an essential tool for companies that want to improve their performance, achieve their goals, and create value for their shareholders.

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Take control of your company
with I4D Consulting

The demands of every business owner are always the same. I4D Consulting's management control meets these needs.

I4D Consulting helps entrepreneurs control and manage their businesses better and more profitably.

Backed by his experience in business management, we implement in-house planning, scheduling and monitoring systems tailored to the SMEs.

Markets and conditions change rapidly, and no entrepreneur can afford to wait months to know how their company's "accounts" are performing. It is, therefore, essential-even for the small business-to have simple and practical reporting, month by month, without waiting for annual financial statement data.

Our reports are easy to read, speaking the language of the entrepreneur, because they are designed as a tool for directing the company: incidence and variances of matter, margins, expenses reclassified by business area, (commercial, production, general, financial) compared with the current year's planned budget and compared with the previous year.

Building a numerical control system of business performance is certainly the starting point of a management improvement process, but numbers are nothing without the ability to interpret and critically read them and translate them into concrete activities.

I4D Consulting, with its long experience in business management, has the cross-functional skills (business, legal, administrative, and production) to support the entrepreneur in analyzing data and designing and implementing organizational change, cost reduction, and business development projects.

Read here some concrete cases we have dealt with.


Business Reorganization

Business Reorganization

Analysis of the factual situation, comparison with competitors, and analysis of strengths and weaknesses. Definition of a sustainable business model for corporate revitalization and drafting of the relevant business plan. Personnel analysis and redefinition of organizational structure. Operative support to professionals for bankruptcy and restructuring procedures.
Management Control

Management Control

Annual budgets and long-term development plans. Tailor-made management control systems with support for management in analyzing monthly data and developing corrective actions. Analysis and evaluation of human resources. Extraordinary corporate restructuring and reorganization interventions.
Management Consulting

Overseas activities

Supervision and management control of foreign branches and subsidiaries with on-site missions. Implementation of remote management and commercial control systems. Interventions in deteriorated situations with the objective of restructuring and commercial revitalization. Local selection of personnel. Research and Business Due Diligence of companies to be acquired.
Project Management

Project Management

Autonomous management of specific projects