Business Development

We help you find the right markets, the right partners, and develop internal skills for successful international expansion.

International expansion
easy and tailored with I4D Consulting

Unique and innovative solutions, custom-developed for each client.

Con oltre 15 anni di esperienza nel commercio internazionale, siamo specializzati nelle aree più promettenti per il business: il Far East, l’India, gli Stati Uniti e la Polonia.

We have a track record of dozens of missions around the world, from India to New Zealand, and a strong network of contacts in almost all Asia-Pacific countries.

Our network is not virtual, but concrete: real people who will show up on your behalf, as if they were your business network.

I4D Consulting offers you comprehensive support at every stage of the international expansion process:

  • Choosing Markets: We help you identify the markets best suited to your characteristics and products, assessing their potential and concrete opportunities for success.
  • Local Partner Finding: We make our network of contacts available to you to identify ideal business partners for your needs.
  • Business Agreements: We assist you in negotiating and drafting clear and beneficial business agreements for your company.
  • Development of internal tools and skills:We help you develop the skills and tools you need to effectively manage overseas expansion.

Our strength is the customized approach:there is no perfect plan for everyone. To be effective, the overseas development plan must be within the reach of your SME.

Every company has its own history and its own peculiarities: for this reason, we create tailored export and business development plans that enhance your strengths and take into account your specific needs.

Strategy, field experience and a strong network of relationships-these are the pillars of I4D Consulting.

Contact us now for a free consultation and find out how we can help you achieve your export goals!

"You cannot win by playing defense, you have to invest in business development, marketing, open foreign markets, targeting those with higher development, to export more.

All successful companies have followed this path."

Stefano Marini

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Servizi per lo Sviluppo Commerciale

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Temporary Export Manager

A dedicated service, the turnkey solution for companies that have no in-house experience or resources but do not want to remain excluded from the opportunities of foreign markets. From country selection to researching and contacting potential distributors, from data analysis to on-site visits to trade fairs and potential partners, to managing the distribution network; everything needed to create a sales network tailored to the SMEs.
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Export Consulting

Development activities and export support for specific needs, both in Italy and through our network in the field. Qualitative-quantitative analysis of markets and selection of the best targets. Research and contact of potential partners. Negotiation of distribution agreements and support in opening branches.
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Overseas activities

Supervision and management control of foreign branches and subsidiaries with on-site missions. Implementation of remote management and commercial control systems. Interventions in deteriorated situations with the objective of restructuring and commercial revitalization. Local selection of personnel. Research and Business Due Diligence of companies to be acquired.

Searching for Suppliers

Supplier search through a qualified network of local collaborators. Supplier visit and validation. Pre-Shipment Quality Control.