Stephen Marini

After classical high school, I attended the Guardia di Finanza Academy, graduating with a degree in Economic and Financial Security Science from the University of Rome-Tor Vergata.

I have been a Statutory Auditor since 02/29/2000, registered under number 116907 in the Register of Statutory Auditors.

As a Guardia di Finanza officer, I was mainly involved in tax police and financial crime, commanding departments and articulations of the Corps in Brescia, Milan, Mantua and La Spezia.

Switched to the private sector I have been:

  • managing director in Ruote Marchesini and Tecnomagnesio, historic light alloy wheel manufacturers;
  • for about a decade general manager and managing director of Piceni Serramenti, a company that is part of the UFI FILTERS Group;
  • executive in charge of Macolive’s Asian markets;
  • CEO of Jerago Composite Fibers.

An entire career spent in management roles has accustomed me to seeing the company from every angle, developing the ability to quickly get the picture of the current situation and the vision of actions, both immediate and long-term, to be taken to improve business results.

Having worked in different types of companies and business sectors, and traveled all over the world, has led me to deal with very different issues and to develop different points of view on how to deal with them.

This is the path that led me to found I4D Consulting, and it is the wealth of experience from which I draw the most appropriate solutions to solve my clients’ critical issues.


“In more than 30 years of work, I have come to know in depth the fabric of small and medium-sized companies in northern Italy, but I have also developed an international vision, promoting Italian companies in the field in Southeast Asian countries and the United States.
I have always held positions with direct operational responsibilities, so I am familiar with the weight of responsibility placed on the entrepreneur.
If you are looking for a manager with real business leadership experience who can support you on a broad scale, then let’s meet to plan the development of your business.”

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