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I4D Consulting is a business consulting firm based in Mantua with international projections.

Strongly focused on concrete improvement of business results, it specializes in consulting SMEs, whose main consulting needs it can cover.

Strategic consulting, management control, corporate reorganization, extraordinary transactions, coaching in generational transitions, business development, and export manager.

The small and medium enterprise does not have the complexities and bureaucracy of the large company; it is a unified organism, composed of different parts–production, business, and management–all equally essential to the achievement of a positive result.

In the SME there are no problems that touch only one part of the company, every critical issue has reflections on other business aspects, and therefore interventions to make the company more effective and improve its results require a unified vision, expert in all business processes, capable of assessing every consequence of the choices to be made, whether human, legal, commercial or financial.

I4D Consulting is a unique business consultant and support, just as unique as the entrepreneur.

“We face business challenges on the front lines, as managers rather than consultants.

Having managed companies ourselves, we know the implications, internal and external, of the choices we propose.

We don’t just show the way, but work alongside the entrepreneur by facing and solving difficulties together until the goals are achieved.”

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Consulting Areas

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Strategic Business Consulting

Strategic business consulting is a planning process that helps companies generate competitive advantage.
As your strategic consultant, we will help you identify new business goals, evaluate current strategies and identify opportunities for improvement, define future strategies, develop an action plan, and provide support in implementing the strategy.

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Management Control

Management control is a process for monitoring and measuring the performance of business management, and consists of the collection, reprocessing, analysis, and evaluation of business data so that informed decisions can be made and the effectiveness of strategies, techniques, and procedures currently in use can be reevaluated.
We implement management control systems tailored to the needs of the SME that are effective yet simple to measure business performance and make rational and measurable corrective decisions.

Sviluppo Commerciale Asia

foreign business development

There is only one way for an SME to grow substantially: develop foreign markets.
We develop business networks by acting as temporary export managers in the areas with the best growth prospects in the world: Asia, the US and Poland.
Italian management and mentality combined with proven collaborators in the various countries to accompany the company throughout the internationalization process: from analyzing the market, to finding the most suitable partners, to signing distribution contracts.

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fiscal services

A tax audit is inevitable in business life, the only possible business choice is whether to face it prepared or not.
I4D Consulting offers tax audit simulation services carried out by former members of the Tax Administration, according to the methodologies used by the Guardia di Finanza and other Inspection Bodies, with the aim of training entrepreneurs and administrative staff to face audits aware of their rights and duties.

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digital enterprise

Digitization of business processes is about transforming business operations from manual to digital in order to achieve greater control, greater efficiency and higher productivity.
Enterprise software has become a real asset; no longer a "useful accessory" but the hub around which the organization and processes can be built to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum errors.
The sales area is most likely to benefit from these tools, including CRM and quotation systems.